RULES / Information 

The SUPathlon is a fun and friendly event. It is for you to take it at your own pace - if you are a racing snake then go for it, if you are there for the challenge, to be out there in our wonderful country side then enjoy. It is a stripped down event, hence the cost of only £15pp, therefor you are taking part for the fun of it - there is no trophy just a big, friendly hug from Jim 


Race HQ is at Tamdhu railway station, this is just down the road from the Distillery entrance. MAP


0900 - we will be on site form 0900, so please feel free to turn up anytime after that! Please come and say hi, and rack you bike and get your kit ready

1000 - compulsory race briefing 

1015 - we will head up stream to Blacksboat in Aquaplay vans

SUP Briefing - there will be a separate SUP briefing before competitors get on the water.  

Start - will be as soon as everyone is ready

Course Maps:

Click on this LINK


Every competitor is expected to adhere to the following rules to ensure fairness and safety.

  1. Listen to and if asked, support marshals and officials at all times.

  2. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear to adequately manage inclement weather and rough terrain.

    1. SUP - Compulsory Buoyancy aid, helmet, waist belt and leash, foot wear to be worn and done up at all times whilst on the water.

    2. BIKE - helmet to be on and fastened before moving the bike from the racking and only be removed once the bike is back on the rack

  3. Keep within the marked course; do not explore out with the course!

  4. Know the course, marshals are there for your safety, it is down to the competitors to know the course and to count their own laps (4 on the bike and 2 on the run)

  5. Put the safety of other competitors first and assist anyone in need of help and alert a marshal if required.

  6. Race Briefing - This is compulsory for ALL competitors - This will place near transition at 1000.

  7. Do not litter

  8. Be friendly towards the general public 

  9. Smile when you can! 

  10. To have completed an Aquaplay Scotland consent form (even if you have filled in one before!) and paid your entry fee of £15. 


  • Everyone is to wear the following: 

  • Helmet

  • Buoyancy aid

  • Waste belt with leash attached to the belt - the Leash is NOT to be attached to the ankle. 

  • Foot wear (trainers / wetsuits boots

  • Wetsuit / drysuits are not compulsory - but it is advisable. 

  • Follow the river down stream!! ​

  • Kneeling is perfectly acceptable and may be, in some situations, the most appropriate way to paddle sections of the river

  • SUP exit - look out for Marshals at the bottom of the Tamdhu rapid, you exit on river left. 

  • Carry your SUP and equipment all the way up the steps, leave the board (not forgetting to take off your waste belt at the top of the steps. 

Transition 1: 

  • Enter transition as instructed (Do NOT jump off the platform)

  • You are NOT allowed to mount your bike until you have your helmet on. 

  • Exit transition as instructed - bike out.

  • Mount your bike AFTER the mount line. 


  • Follow the Speyside way out to Carran to the turn point at the distillery and then come back!

  • Keep on the left hand side at all times

  • General Public - please be aware that the public will be out and about - Do NOT run them over!! Give them some warning that you are there and only when safe to do so pass them leaving some space. Then please say thank you! 

  • Dismount your bike BEFORE the dismount line. 

Transition 2: 

  • You are NOT allowed to take your helmet off (or undo it) until your bike is back at your spot in transition. 

  • Head to Run out


  • You are heading out the other end of transition heading for Blacksboat.

  • Again the general public will be out and about please be nice to them. 

  • Your turn point is 1.5k out

Finish - on the platform between the Aquaplay flags