We are transportable.... everything we have fits in a van! 

Aquaplay's physical base is in Rothes, however by the very nature of our landscape we travel to the ideal locations for our clients to have the best experience for their chosen activity. 

Being based on Rothes gives us ideal access to the River Spey and Findhorn, plus easy access to the North Coast. In the last 12 months we have been operating over on the river Dee and surrounding area. 

Not based in Moray or Aberdeenshire? Don't panic we can come to you! Please just get int touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Moray Coast 

Lossiemouth (West & East Beach and the Estuary) Portnockie (Bow Fiddle Rock), Findhorn Bay, Moray Firth, Hope Man, Burghhead 

River Spey and Findhorn 

Findhorn Randolphs Leap, Middle Findhorn. 

Spey - is a world famous river various put ins and get outs.... there is a section for everyone! One of our favourite spots for training is at Knockando 

River Dee (Deeside)

The Royal Deeside.

Like the River Spey the river Dee offers numerous opportunities to paddle and play on and in the water! 

We also have a number of lochs that we use for flat water paddling and activities.