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Welcome to Aquaplay Scotland.


Aquaplay is owned and run by myself, Tom, and is based in the heart of Royal Deeside. Offering a variety of SUP sessions for; kids, adults, families, schools, companies and individuals.


The way Aquaplay operates is very flexible - everything fits in the van (and some times the trailer) and operates in a variety of locations beyond Deeside. Whether that be on the sea, rivers or lochs in the North East and Highlands of Scotland.

Midmar Stillwater Fishery is home to Aquaplay Scotland on a Monday and Tuesday - we have exclusive access to the all 10 acres of water, the site and the fishing hut. 

Bespoke..... we like to run bespoke sessions for groups and individuals, we of cause run public sessions in particular during the school holidays and links to these can be found below, so that you get the most out of your time on the water. 

If you would like to discuss options of a session then please get in touch. 

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“We have been working with Aquaplay Scotland for many years now to supply premium quality watersports for a number of our high profile client events throughout Scotland. Their service has always been very professional, and we are always provided with safe and exciting watersport options that meet our specific requirements”

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Canoeing 

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