Activity Descriptions 

Here is a little more about what we have to offer.... still not sure, then please get in touch and we would be happy to chat through what we offer further. 

Want to do more than one activity in a day? Then go for it, subject to appropriate location, we are able to offer a mixture of sessions. 


SUP Boarding 

Loch SUP, Sea SUP, River SUP, Polo SUP, Mega SUP.... where do you want start? Why not try all. 

The quickest growing sport, world wide, is now booming in Scotland and we are one of the leaders in the delivery and exploration of SUPing in Scotland. 


SUP Polo 

The newest sport in town.... 3 on 3, take on your friends, team mates, colleagues - a great way to have fun, develop your paddle skills and to take on a new team sport. 

Please get in touch to discuss options around organising your SUP polo session. 



It is simple, you get a rubber ring, grab a paddle and just add water.... Fun for everyone.



Here is something you don't find in the UK very often. Bellyaking is a great way to get on the river and have some fun. You lie on top of the bellyak, wearing webbed gloves, you manoeuvre your craft down stream bouncing through the white water 



We offer a wide range of kayaking experiences. From flat water to grade 3 sections of white water. Either paddling in one of our versatile inflatable kayaks or one of our discipline specific plastic craft. 



Coasteering is  great way to explore the coast line in a different way. This is a wet activity from the go. At low levels traversing the rock face, swimming to islands, jumping from the rocks, crawling/ swimming through slots in the rock. 



We offer a wide range of canoeing experiences. From flat water to grade 3 sections of white water. Either paddling in one of our versatile inflatable canoes or one of our specific plastic craft. 


Burn Scrambling

Start at the bottom and finish at the top or start at the top and finish at the bottom! In and out of the water has you head on your journey. A real team effort is required to complete this challenge

gorge 2.jpg

Gorge Walking

More technical than our burn scrambles lets explore some of our hidden gems in the area. We have to make our way up through narrow twisting gorges, overcoming water falls, deep pools, rocky outcrops and fast flowing shoots of water reaching the top as a team.  If we have the energy we make our way back down again!


Multi Activities

Using the river as our environment, we focus on a number of key elements: Dynamic & aggressive swimming, group management, rescues, team work, understanding the environment. Oh and of course a lot of fun..... wet from the get go and we make sure there are toys to play with! Tubes, Bellyaks, and anything else that is appropriate