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Aquaplay Scotland is licensed by the AALA & insured through Activities Industry Mutual. All of our instructors & leaders are qualified& highly experienced in the courses we provide.
We offer a wide range of Activities
We offer a wide range of Activities

Our Environmental Statement

At Aquaplay Scotland we try  to be aware of our social responsibilities to the environment.

We have installed pv solar panels, producing  anything up to 30KW of electricity per day in the summer months.

Working together with groups  we try to minimize the number of vehicles we have to use.  Our vans are fitted with extra seats for  passengers and the loading capacity is such that we can normally carry all our  equipment in one van thereby reducing our fuel usage. We drive carefully  respecting other road users and always park our vehicles considerately parking  at all of our venues.  We are aware that  there are other people using the same areas for different purposes and respect  their rights to do so.

We compost green food waste,  recycle bottles, glassware, paper and metal.   We try to keep our use of paper down to a minimum with the use of  electronic communication wherever possible.

Our new bunkhouse is heavily  insulated to well above the required current standards, we have installed an  efficient under floor heating and water heater systems fed by our pv solar  panels and used highly efficient double glazed window and door to the new  extension.


In the early  days of Carbon offsetting companies would pay for trees to be planted in the UK  to balance their carbon footprint.   Unfortunately the UK Government used these projects as part of their own  carbon offsetting.

Recognising that  global warming is indeed global the company co2balance explored carbon offsetting in various parts of the world  which gave other benefits over and above the carbon offsetting.

In addition to  our personal efforts as an environmentally aware company to reduce our Carbon  Footprint we are now investing in a project in Kenya to provide efficient  cooking stoves which reduce smoke by 50%  over an open fire.

The more  efficient cooking methods benefits the users in a number of ways.

  • Very much reduces carbon  emissions
  • Reduces the need for women and  children to gather fuel in hostile and dangerous conditions.
  • Reduces the amount of smoke inhaled by mainly women and children during the cooking process.

So whilst the  carbon emissions are reduced much improved health and safety of the people are  a wonderful by product of this project.

Please have a  look at the video providing details of this product.

fun kayaking
boogie board surfing
burn scrambling
gorge walking
river bugs/hydro speeds
team work/team building
trail cycling/mountain bike ridiing
safety courses
fast track instructor/coach training
bespoke journeys
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Use the links below to read datasheets relating to the various carbon offsetting projects with which Aquaplay is now involved:
Indian Wind Power Datasheet
African Stoves Datasheet
Basket Weavers Datasheet
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