Safe and Enjoyable Learning

Coaching and Courses in Aberlour, Banffshire: From Kayak Lessons to White Water Safety

With dedication and professionalism, Aquaplay Scotland provides first-rate coaching services. From kayak lessons to white water safety courses, we provide the instruction needed to ensure safety is upheld during a wide range of activities.

Coaching and Courses

All current BC coaching and personal skills courses may be organised and run on your behalf. This includes level 1 and 2 coach training and assessment; 1-2-star generic and 3-5-star white water / inland kayaking courses.

You stand to gain from our experience of offering BC coaching and personal development courses since 1995. You are encouraged to shine, thanks to a relaxed learning and assessment style designed to help you achieve your best while pushing and extending your own comfort zones.

Our training and assessment courses are mainly delivered from our Moray base, but we are happy to travel to you if you have a group looking for courses in your area.

We also offer foundation safety and rescue and white water safety and rescue courses, all of which are provided on the natural rivers in Moray. Alternatively, we can travel throughout Scotland to offer the courses at suitable venues near you. The list of courses provided by Aquaplay Scotland includes:

  • BC — 1-3-Star Personal Skill Awards
  • BC — White Water Leader
  • BC — Advanced White Water Leader
  • BC — Level 1-2 Coach Awards
  • BC — White Water Safety and Rescue Training
  • BC — Foundation Safety and Rescue Training
  • Coach / Activity Leader Fast Track Training Courses
  • Safety Courses

We offer the BC foundation safety and rescue, white water safety and rescue, and advanced white water safety and rescue training courses. We’re committed to providing high-quality clothing and equipment, allowing us to operate throughout the year. Our aim is deliver excellence, and true value for your money.

In addition to these certified courses, we have successfully run scenarios weekends, wherein participants work through dealing with a series of incidents across two days. The targeted skills of the course are put to the test, with the challenges reinforcing the need to practice on a regular basis to ensure success under stressful conditions.

We utilise many activity venues and natural sites, allowing us to provide courses throughout the paddling season.

Foundation Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT)

This course aims to provide the key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely in a sheltered water environment, and to be able to deal with common emergencies. These skills will then form the basis of all safety and rescue training throughout the BCU scheme.


You must be:

  • A Minimum of 14 years Old
  • New 2-Star Standard
  • Able to Swim in Normal Canoe Clothing Suitable for the Prevailing Conditions

Duration: 8 Hours / 1 Day

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in Aberlour, Banffshire, for details about our training, including kayak lessons and white water safety.

White Water Safety and Rescue (WWSR)

This course aims to provide key safety and rescue skills for operating safely on moving water, and being able to cope with common incidents and emergencies in a challenging environment. These skills are an extension to the base course, and involve risk assessment of operating in fast-moving water and difficult underfoot conditions, using more advance skills and techniques. Day two looks at paddling on moving water as a group member. We look at communication, risk assessment, group control, river reading, and decision-making skills, as well as dealing with scenarios on a journey on grade 2-3 water. A first aid qualification will supplement these skills.


You must be:

• A Minimum of 16 Years Old

• Working at or Close to the New 3-Star Standard
• Comfortable Swimming in Appropriate Paddling Clothing Suitable for the Prevailing Conditions

Duration: 2 Days

Coach / Activity Leader Block Training Courses

Fast-Track Instructor Training Programme

Our unique location and company structure is the perfect combination for coach and activity leader training courses. We give you the opportunity to gain a solid grounding and NGB awards in the variety of outdoor activities we deliver.

The training programme will last for 16 weeks, commencing in November, and continuing until the second week in March the following year. You will stay in our six-bed bunkhouse. The cost of the course includes your food, accommodation, and transport throughout your stay.

We operate throughout the Scottish Highlands and beyond, offering a wide range of activities as introductory days. This includes:

• Canoeing

• Kayaking
• Gorge Walking
• Coasteering
• Boogie Boarding
• Surfing
• Burn Scrambling
• Team Working
• Personal Development
• Leadership Training Courses
• BC Awards in Coaching, Personal Skills, and Safety

Other activity providers, who work closely with us, can also provide additional awards and training as required. If you’re new to the exciting world of adventure activities, we’ll help you gain your first qualifications. When you already have experience, we’ll take you to the next level through our outdoor instructor courses.

You’ll be an active trainee with some of your learning experience being hands-on, working with groups under the direction of one of our coaches/activity leaders. At other times, training will be in classroom sessions as well as working, playing, and exploring your outdoor working environment. With over 15 years of industry experience, we have in-depth knowledge and know exactly what you need to become a successful Coach/Activity Leader. Throughout the course you’ll receive ongoing individual feedback as we develop your potential, additional qualities and the essential soft skills required for working with children and adults of all backgrounds and abilities. At the end of the course you’ll be fully prepared for a rewarding and exciting career in the outdoors.

Course Information

You will receive a full range of coaching sessions, including information on current regulations, working as an instructor, coaching techniques, risk assessments, activity emergency procedures, and incident management. There will be a maximum trainer per student ratio of 1:6.

You will be involved in, and working on, a full programme of activities over the period of your training. The work will be progressive with the goal of presenting you for NGB awards either at training or assessment standard by the end of the course. Part of your experience will be gained by working with groups under the watchful eye of one of our trainers and coaches.

  • BC: 1–4–star Personal Skill Awards: We will use your development time to expand your personal canoe and kayak skills, reaching your potential within the time frame.
  • BC: Foundation Safety and Rescue Test: 1-day safety and rescue training. A pre-requisite for starting out on the coaching ladder.
  • BC: Level 1 Coach Award or Level 2 Award: For those who have managed to gain the appropriate pre-requisites. 
  • BC: White Water Safety and Rescue Training: Ideal training for those looking to progress to working as river guides, gorge walking, and coasteering leaders.
  • HSE First Aid Training: 2-day (16-hour) course of theory and practical-based training. Currently valid for 3 years. Meets with required certification for outdoor qualifications.
  • Rafting: Introduction to rafting skills and raft leader awards.
  • Trail Bike Leader Training: Introductory qualification in leading groups for activity on two wheels.
  • Snow Sports Introductory Training: We will make use of the local ski slopes whenever the conditions are suitable.
  • Climbing: You will receive basic climbing training skills on a local indoor climbing wall and, if weather conditions are good, at a local climbing location.


In addition to training and coaching, we provide incredible outdoor adventures across a range of natural sites and venues.