Safe and Enjoyable Learning

Outdoor Events in Aberlour, Banffshire: From Kayaking to Burn Scrambling

Aquaplay Scotland is proud to provide a vast variety of outdoor events. Based in Aberlour, Banffshire, our experienced team delivers everything from kayaking experiences to exciting burn scrambling. The activities we provide will be tailored to suit your needs and different levels of ability.

Fun And Safety: Our Promise

At Aquaplay Scotland, our main goal is to ensure you have fun while learning. For us, there’s nothing better than hearing clients say they can't wait to come back. When you take part in one of the experiences we provide, we will:

  • Deliver an Exciting Experience
  • Ensure Systems are in Place to Protect Your Safety
  • Supply You with Top-Quality Protective Clothing and Equipment; Suitable for All Weather Conditions
  • Advise You of What You Need to Bring (e.g. Old Trainers, Warm Clothing, or Towels)



Aquaplay Scotland are excited to offer you access to this great water activity.

It is so versatile paddling on the sea, surf, estuary, lochs and rivers. We will
coach you the skills of padding in any of these environments.

Included in the personal skills of paddling we also offer;

  • Safety and Rescue training
  • Leadership training
  • Personal Skills training
  • Coaching skills & training


We offer a variety of canoeing activities for anyone aged 8 and above. We’ll introduce you to flat water paddling and provide you with the safety skills needed to take control of your craft and deal with typical incidents confidently. When working in tandem, this is a great activity for developing teamwork and communication skills.

A Versatile Activity

Canoes are an excellent craft for enjoying a leisurely paddle, a gently-moving river or loch, or a more intense journey down-river. Our offerings include multi-day trips, involving wild camping, or using the various bunk houses and B&Bs in the area.

Environmental Awareness

Along with paddling, communication, and team-working skills, we work to develop environment awareness. To that end, we ensure that our activities – while enjoyable – have minimal impact on the natural settings in which we operate.

Providing Equipment

We can provide canoes and kit. Our excellent-quality outdoor clothing enables us to operate throughout the year.

Numerous Sites

A variety of natural venues and sites for canoeing are available in and beyond Moray. That means you’ll have a wide range of courses and trips to choose from. With so many options available, you’re sure to find a trip that suits your needs.

BC Canoeing Courses

Aquaplay Scotland provides British Canoeing coaching. This includes personal paddling development, training, and assessments, along with a full range of safety courses.

Contact our team

in Aberlour, Banffshire, to arrange exciting outdoor events, including kayaking.


Start gently with flat water paddling, and work your way up to advanced levels on some of Scotland’s wilder rivers – and even further afield, in Europe. Aquaplay Scotland offers a variety of kayaking activities for anyone aged 8 and above. We’re equipped to provide the kayaks, kit, and high-quality outdoor clothing. As a result, we operate throughout the year, regardless of the weather.


Aquaplay Scotland is based by the River Spey, and just 40 minutes from the River Findhorn. These are two of Scotland’s most famous rivers. Both feature incredibly scenery and challenging features throughout their lengths. We have access to a small flat water pond in Rothes itself. Using this and the rivers, we’re able to develop paddlers from novice to paddling at the top-level; all on our doorstep. Our qualified team also provides British Canoeing coaching. This includes personal paddling development, training, and assessments, along with a full range of safety courses.

Fun, Inflatable Kayaking

Whether you’re looking for thrills, spills, and excitement, or would prefer a gentle paddle, you’re sure to have fun at Aquaplay Scotland. Our kayaks are of two designs. The first allows for paddling all grades of water, up to grade five. The second design is apt for paddling gentle water. However, they are still able to withstand grade 4 water in expert hands.

The second kayak design sits higher in the water, meaning you are kept drier than when using the first design. Both styles offer great fun with paddling. Our designs mean novices can safely paddle grades of water that would not be possible in a traditional, enclosed cockpit kayak with a spray deck.

A Rewarding Challenge

The many challenges of kayaking include working in a team, safely descending the river, choosing good lines, and playing on the many waves you encounter. We may also look at safe swimming methods. Generally, we’ll have lots of fun while enjoying the wonderful scenery and wildlife on the quieter, slower-moving sections of water. We use the local Speyside rivers, lochs, and ponds for this activity, using the most appropriate site to accommodate the needs and aims of the session.

Additional Experiences

SUP BoARDING, River Bugs and Boogie Board Surfing

Wherever there is surf on the Moray Firth – Sandend, Cullen, or Lossiemouth – we’ll find it and take you for fun boogie boarding. Our experienced team will introduce you to the basic skills and safety awareness for this activity. Then, under your leader’s guidance, you’ll be free to explore the waves!

Using either our solid or inflatable boogie boards, or our new hydro speeds, experience the speed and exhilaration of exploding onto the beach after a long run off the frequent sets of beautiful surf waves. Regardless of the board you’re using, there is no better feeling than catching that wave and surfing it hard until it peters out on the beach. There’s nothing else for it but to dive back into the oncoming sets and start all over again!

Friendly and professional, we’ll introduce the group to beach safety and provide knowledge about rip tides. This will include how to deal with being caught up in a rip tide flow, surfing etiquette, and ways of keeping the group in contact. We’ll teach everything needed for a safe, adventurous, and fun experience.

Hydro Speeds and Bellyaking

What could be more exhilarating than floating through drops and rapids at water-level on an inflatable hydro speed or bellyak? You are sure to get bounced off the bug on occasion, or hit the odd rock, but the thrill of this type of river running will remain with you for a very long time to come!

We’ll introduce you to the basic skills required to stay upright, as well as safety awareness. Then, under your leader’s guidance, you’ll be free to explore the river rapids as we help you find the best ways down. We’ll also show you how to support each other in the descent, ensuring everyone has fun. You’ll quickly learn to understand the energy and flow of the water, how to guide your craft through the biggest of the waves and drops, and how small movements on the bug help to steer and change direction as required in turbulent water.

At Aquaplay Scotland, we’ll introduce the group to river-running skills taken from our good practice in kayaking and canoeing. We’ll give the group ways of remaining in contact, ensuring a safe yet fun experience is had by all.

Burn Scrambling

Just think: you could be in the heart of Glenlivet, scrambling along a burn and climbing your way up a 15-foot waterfall. Doesn’t that sound exciting? This adventure will test your teamwork and leadership abilities. That’s because it doesn’t just challenge your physical skills. It also tests your mental capacity, as we set tasks that you’ll complete throughout the duration of the trip.

The aim is to have you and your group operating as a team, looking out for one another, and choosing good, safe lines on both the ascent and descent. You’ll have to try and meet the challenges set by your leader, using dynamic risk assessment and your communication skills. You’ll be tested to the limit as part of this rigorous yet exhilarating experience. We’ll hand-pick the site to provide just the right level of challenge - and an interesting, surprising start!

We’ll provide all the necessary equipment and clothing. This includes 5mm steamer wet suits for your warmth and comfort.

Gorge Walking / Canyoning

Unique characteristics and numerous challenges, suitable for groups of all abilities, is just what we look for when we choose a site for our gorge walking and canyoning activities. The challenge of gorge walking is operating effectively as a team, looking out for each other as you work through rapids and waterfalls. You’ll need to choose the good lines carefully, negotiating the route safely. It’s our job to ensure your well-being while allowing you to enjoy the wonderful scenery and wildlife. You’re sure to be thrilled by the fantastic - and often secret – gorges you’ll discover.

Aquaplay Scotland provides the required safety equipment and clothing, including 5mm steamer wet suits that are essential for warmth and comfort. We use a variety of venues and natural sites, allowing us to provide an activity that delivers thrills and spills, or a gentle experience.


Canyoning is a more adventurous form of gorge walking. It can be thrilling and exciting – for both you and your instructor! With the full supervision of a qualified leader and equipped with wetsuits, buoyancy aids, and helmets, you’ll fight your way upstream against the flow, clamber up small waterfalls, swim through calmer sections, and jump into deep pools. When you reach the top, you’ll simply turn around and float – or slide – back down to the start! Believe us when we say you’ll have an amazing time.

For either gorge walking or canyoning, you will be equipped with all safety equipment, including full steamer wetsuits, buoyancy aids, neoprene socks, gloves (if required), and helmets.


Aquaplay Scotland is lucky to have access to both the rugged coastline at Bow Fiddle Rock in Portknockie, and the rocky outcrops at Findochty on the Moray Firth. Both sites are right on our doorstep and are ideal for coasteering. Coasteering is a mixture of swimming, rock scrambling, jumping deep into pools, and using the ebb and flow of the tide to swim out to rocky islands and outcrops, making a traverse under the cliffs.

The excitement climaxes every time we take a leap of faith into the churning waters before scrambling through a huge crack in the rocks, and then, working as a team, assessing our moves before plunging back into the water. We’ll finish the day at either the local café or ice-cream shop in nearby Cullen for a well-deserved treat! This exciting activity challenges you physically as an individual and requires good teamwork and communication to successfully negotiate both sea traverses.

Team Work and Team-Building

Aquaplay Scotland has designed and delivered team-building events for many years. We provide customers with fully bespoke services, delivering excellence and true value for money.

Your trip will involve various activities and challenges, including kayaking on inflatable boats on a journey down the world-renowned River Spey. The result is a fantastic team-working experience.

Under the watchful eyes of our leaders, your group will be responsible for cooking and camping. We will arrange a distillery visit (in-season), all amid inspiration scenery in the Scottish Highlands. Trips typically last 1-3 days for up to 20 participants. We design tasks and activities that are exciting and challenging, where good communication and teamwork benefits everyone.

We also provide team-building challenges in which your group take on a team-building task at a specific location. This usually involves a mixture of an outdoor activity and some indoor class study and discussion, resulting in a group team-building or development exercise across a 1- to 2-day programme.

Trail Cycling and Mountain Bike Riding

Whether you’re looking for a gentle biking trip or a full-blooded mountain bike experience, Aquaplay Scotland is here to provide it. We offer biking to suit your needs. Scotland’s progressive access legislation means we have access to many fantastic off-road cycle tracks.

Our location in Speyside means we can utilise the nationally renowned Speyside Way, the Moray Monster trails, the Glenlivet Estate cycle routes, and countless forest tracks and trails in the area. We are centrally located, with just a two-hour drive to the Wolftrax Centre at Laggan, and trails at Pitfichie as well as Kirkhill in Aberdeenshire. Other locations include Golspie, Learnie, Balblair, and Carbisdale Castle. We’ll advise experienced bikers regarding access to the best and most challenging local trails. Plus, we offer guidance, introductions, and skill development for individuals and groups.

Aquaplay Scotland also delivers MBLA trail cycle leader training and assessment courses, and MBLA mountain bike leader training and assessment courses. We can accommodate up to six participants for training courses, and four participants for assessment courses.

Soon, we will open a six-bed, mountain-bike-friendly bunkhouse. This will provide comfortable, restful accommodation after an exciting day in the saddle.

Bespoke Journeys

Looking for something that is tailored to your requirements? Aquaplay Scotland can help. Our aim is to deliver excellent alongside real value for money. In addition to regular river trips, we provide canoe, kayak, and inflatable river adventures. From introductory to advanced levels, we deliver trips to many Scottish gorges up to grade 4 and 5. We can provide a schedule of rivers we think will suit your group’s needs.

Packages can be as simple or as comprehensive as you would like, and include leadership, guiding, coaching, and accommodation if required.

Further Afield

Our experienced team has paddled and led groups on river trips throughout Europe and beyond. Our most recent adventure was to the River Dalaman in Turkey, followed by a return to Bovec in Slovenia, where we spent two weeks coaching a group on the many sections of the wonderful River Soca. In September 2013, we took a group to paddle in the Spanish Pyrenees. So, if you have a trip in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’ll work to make your adventure a reality.

Activities for Schools and Youth Groups

We’re pleased to deliver first-rate adventures for schools and youth groups.


Down river running so close to the water you can smell it! These boards are fantastic fun and give you a great experience of paddling through the rapids on our local rivers or messing about on the surf on the nearby beaches. We will provide you with a local guide who knows the environment intimately to ensure you have a safe and great fun adventure!